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About Us

About Us

PT Indonesian Tooling Technology is located in Bekasi, close to Jakarta and is specialized in the production of high quality precision tools for the hot and cold forming industry. This young and dynamic company was established in 2013 and employs approximately 50 people.

Our diverse services include:

  • Complete tool solutions
  • Tooling service
  • Tool life improvement

Our foundation for the future is our continued success in on time  delivery of high quality precision tooling.


            To be a trusted tools manufacturer for cold & hot forming industry


  • To offer tooling & equipment for forming industry with high quality tungsten carbide and alloy steel tooling at a competitive level.
  • To develop continual human resources management and create harmonious working relationship by creating jobs and applying appropriate technology
  • To provide proper environment, health, and safety as company social responsibility

Why choose PT. Indonesian Tooling Technology ?

The reasons are as follows:

  1. Strategic location in Industrial Town MM2100 - Cibitung
  2. Automatic Programme Software
  3. Completed Machine Facilty for Process and Quality Inspection
  4. Certified ISO (9001 : 2015, 45001 : 2018)
  5. Partnership with SMFtools (Netherlands Company)
  6. Adopted technology from Europe and Japan