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Tools to stay ahead . . .

With high facilities and technology, we produce products according to specifications and on time delivery to give customers trust and satisfaction.

To be a Trusted Tools Manufacturer for Cold & Hot Forming Industry

Trust and good relationships with customers can provide the best solution to produce tools according to customer needs.

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About PT Indonesian Tooling Technology

We are a company specializing in the production of high quality precision tools for the Hot & Cold Forming Industry.

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About PT Indonesian Tooling Technology

Our Product

We use machines with modern technology to produce high-precision products for the Hot and Cold Forming Industry.

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We produce our products from the best available raw-materials in the market and with the latest production techniques to ensure that the products are subjected to an optimized series of machining operations.

Our Customer

Our reputation extends beyond our domestic market in Indonesia to many different regions globally.

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PT HI-LEX Parts Indonesia
PT KCF Indonesia
PT Sparta Guna Sentosa
PT Boltz Indonesia
PT Techno Hoei Indonesia
PT Dharma Polimetal
PT Yahata
PT Hamatetsu
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As our commitment and dedication to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction through operational excellence, Indonesia Tooling Technology has acquired a number of internationally-acclaimed certifications.

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